//Cassette CleanClicker™ End-Face Cleaner

Cassette CleanClicker™ End-Face Cleaner

$70.00 $63.00

  • High performance from a simple design
  • Micro-woven, ultra-strong ribbon
  • Multiple cleanings before ribbon advances
  • Clear housing shows remaining ribbon
  • Contains about 400+ cleanings
  • Lowers cost-per-clean 50-80%


The newest option for faster, better, less expensive fiber cleaning: a simple, low-cost, high-quality cassette cleaner. This is simply a better mousetrap. It cleans SC duplex, FC, ST, LC duplex and unmated jumper assemblies, plus female MPO assemblies. It is optimized for carrier networks and is ideal for OSP and premises applications, enterprise applications, field installation kits, OEM assembly and even research labs. Contains about 400+ cleanings. For even better results, use with the Sticklers™ cleaning fluid (#MCC-POC03M and the new #MCC-POC10M).

  • Simpler design reduces costs
  • Features micro-woven cleaning ribbon with excellent dust trapping and residue absorption
  • Easily allows techs to clean multiple end-faces before advancing the wipe, saving money
  • Enables wet-dry cleaning for the best results
  • Compact size easily fits into any operator’s hand
  • No surprises — translucent housing makes it easy to see the remaining quantity of cleaning ribbon
  • Generally lowers the cost-per-clean 50-80%.


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