Male-Female Inline Attenuator 1310/1550nm – LCUPC


Male-Female Inline Attenuator 1310/1550nm – LCUPC

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A fiber optic attenuator is an optical device that induces a calibrated fixed loss between two connectors, which dampens, or attenuates the fiber optic signal. Attenuation is required if an optical signal has too much power, exceeding the operating range of the equipment, which causes saturation at the receiver and induces system errors or failures.

FOG’s full line of attenuators is manufactured to meet the demands of your network. In-line attenuators are installed between an adapter and a connector; they are fused attenuators, providing exceptional optical performance.

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Backed by a life time warranty, our LC/UPC single-mode attenuators are functionally tested to guarantee top performance upon delivery.
Male-Female In-line Fixed AttenuationSingle-Mode1dB, 2dB, 3dB, 4dB, 5dB, 6dB, 7dB, 8dB, 9dB, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB, 25dB

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10dB, 15dB, 1dB, 20dB, 25dB, 2dB, 3dB, 4dB, 5dB, 6dB, 7dB, 8dB, 9dB


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